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How about if instead of just giving you the product to learn from, I gave you an entire business so you too can start selling this product as your own? Here's what you'll receive...

Component 1 - You'll Get Your own customizable High Converting Professionally Written sales letter!

Authority Blog Success resell rights

Complete with mini-site graphics, professionally written sales copy, and a well-presented product package. Your sales letter is designed to do one thing - SELL! Simply replace with your name, your own price and your own payment button and you're good to go! You can even add bonuses, count-down timers, in-line opt-in forms, testimonials plus so much more to make your product truly exceptional!

Component 2 - You'll Receive Your Own Ready-Linked Download Page To Send Your Customers To After They Purchase!

Authority Blog Success resell rights

That last thing you need is to upload everything to your server and find out that the download page has not been completed and that all the links are not intact! We make sure that the way you download your product is exactly the way you upload it. This not only saves you time and effort but lets you get on with promoting! Your download page is hidden from the search engines and will not get indexed or spidered. Even if someone happens to be snooping around your products directory, they will be automatically sent back to your sales page. That last thing you want is lost sales!

Component 3 - You'll Receive Master Resell Rights The Product Package Itself That You Will Be Providing To Your Customers!

Authority Blog Success resell rights

Deliver what you promise and teach your customers tips, tricks, and tactics that they never knew! Become an instant expert in whatever you sell to build your online status, presence, and income!

Component 4 - You'll Receive Professionally Written And Compelling Copy-Paste Solo Ad Emails For Easy Cash!

Authority Blog Success resell rights

You'll receive a persuasive, pre-selling, pre-formatted plain text solo ad email that you can copy and paste into your autoresponder and broadcast to your list instantly! Just replace it with your name and link to your website and let your subscribers know! On top of that, you'll be able to squeeze every last bit of profit from your visitors and turn tire-kickers into red hot hyper-active buyers with your follow-up email sequence! Simply replace your auto-responder with your name and website link and plug it into your auto-responder series for an instant eCourse!

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You grab your copy of Authority Blog Success with master resell rights, you download it, you open it, and then you learn everything you need to know and then you go ahead and apply the techniques to get your online business going. Great!


Why not start selling the same product that helped you out in the first place?... Did you know you're not the only person online who needs help starting their own business?... And did you know that they're willing to pay for someone to show them how to do things properly?... That's YOUR chance to cash in with Authority Blog Success!

Not sure if selling your own product is your sort of thing?....

Everyone sooner or later will want to start selling their own product. That's where the real profit is! Why be an affiliate earning 50-75% when you can be a product owner for once and earn 100% all for yourself?

Just think how long it'll take you to create your own product from scratch! How long would it take you to put a training course like this together?... How long would it take you to write a sales letter and actually sound like you know what you're on about?... How long would it take to put some fancy graphics together?...

It all comes down to you saving TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY!

Even if you don't want to take advantage of this, you can still keep it safe on your desktop for the future when you're ready. You'll be thanking me for this later!

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